We hope that the information that we have sent out will ensure that your child’s digital remote learning experience will go smoothly. You may have some further questions about it, and we hope that these may be answered below.

If not, please contact your child’s subject teacher or, if it is a wider academic question, Pippa Sutcliffe psutcliffe@windlesham.com or If it is to do with Pre-Prep Sarah Sutherland ssutherland@windlesham.com

  1. What should I do if my child is unable to attend a particular lesson?

Whilst we expect children to attend all lessons each day, we do understand that this sometimes may not be possible for a variety of reasons. Please make sure that the relevant teacher is informed in advance or as soon after the lesson as is practicable. The most important thing is – do not worry!

The lesson content can be accessed either in advance of the lesson (if in a different time zone) or after the lesson has taken place. The subject teacher will be able to advise on what work needs to be completed and when.

  1. What should I do if my child is late joining a lesson?

Do not worry or panic! We do realise that juggling work and possibly more than one child’s remote learning can be very tricky. If for any reason your child is late for a lesson, their teacher will understand and be sympathetic. There will be time during the lesson for them to catch up.

  1. Why are there breaks in between each lesson?

Fifteen minute breaks have been included in the timetable to allow children and teachers to end one lesson and be properly prepared for the next. A short time away from the screen is beneficial and we know that everyone will also need to have a drink, something to eat and visit the loo. The break will also allow children to find the correct classroom codes and ensure they have any additional resources that may have been listed in the weekly learning focus. They should then arrive at their next lesson refreshed and ready to learn.

  1. We live in a different time zone and will not be able to access some or all of the lessons live. What should we do?

The lesson content (resources, activities and possibly a video if appropriate) will be uploaded to Google Classroom the night before each lesson is due to take place. Therefore, these can be accessed if you are ahead of UK time. If behind, the same applies. Please speak to your child’s form teacher if unsure.

  1. How do we access the Google Meets?

The access codes for google meets will be on the classroom page. Google classroom codes are in the weekly learning focus and will remain the same for the rest of the online learning period.

  1. What do we do if we struggle to log-in on the first day of Windlesham Online?

First and foremost, please do not worry if you experience difficulties tomorrow. We know that there may be technical issues on the first day. If you join a class late or miss it completely there will be opportunities to catch up. If you really are struggling, please contact Christopher Roche - CJR@windlesham.com or phone/email the school office. We will all be here and available to help.

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