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POW's Testomonials

“Honestly, I think it’s been great. X is happy, enthusiastic and actually I’ve got much more of an idea of what she is learning now than I did when she was at school.

Thank you!!!!! A lot!!!!!!”

“The teachers are so conscientious, they have made a brilliant job of transforming their lessons and having a weekly call from the class teacher really goes above and beyond.”

“I don’t think Windlesham can do anymore than they are already and I think the support, encouragement, study material, variety of work and resources has been fantastic and the level of teaching that is being maintained this way is just amazing. So we would just like to say once more, thank you to everyone who is making this possible. We also think the timetable and length of day is much better this time around.”

“You are doing brilliantly – thank you sincerely. We feel in good hands.”

“It’s (videos) keeping them engaged with the school and along with the obviously much more robust communication (and online offering) it is a much improved version of home schooling in comparison to last Spring. Keep up the great work, its much appreciated. "