Windlesham Community

Weekly Newsletters

The weekly newsletter will continue to be published so please send in photographs of everything you are doing so that we can share them with the whole community and celebrate everyone’s successes and achievements.

Birthday Cards

All pupils will continue to receive their birthday cards from Ben and Alex as normal but their timely arrival will be reliant on the postal service!

House Events

We hope to hold a number of House events online via the House Google Classrooms to maintain the friendly competitive spirit which pupils enjoy and to engender a common purpose and sense of collaboration. Watch out for the Golden Welly and other challenges.

Sprint Term Events

As many of the usual, much anticipated events will be held as possible, albeit in a virtual format.

Community Hub

We will be establishing Community Hub Classrooms which will host information to support reading, national events, boarding activities and more. They will be a place where pupils can chat and share pictures and videos in a safe environment monitored by Windlesham Staff. We hope that this will provide the personal and social contact that we all need at this time.

Form Teacher Communication

Your child's form teacher will contact you on a weekly basis. Please be aware that this call may come through to you with ‘No Caller ID’. If your child is lacking motivation, feeling unhappy, or needs support of any type, please just let us know so we can do our best to help.