Online Learning

Online Learning Provision

Here we explain how our online learning provision will be structured and implemented for your children and you as a family. The majority of the lessons will be delivered live and also recorded for those not able to access them as timetabled due to living in a different country/time zone.

Windlesham will continue to deliver the curriculum that would have been taught in school via Google Classroom.

Windlesham community is about much more than academic lessons and our provision will also cover the creative, physical and pastoral activities that make our pupils the outstanding individuals they are.

How it will work

Google Classroom will be used for form groups and lessons. A typical lesson will involve the use of Google Meet for live lessons, allowing teachers and pupils to communicate with each other in real time. Lessons will also make use of videos, the wealth of digital learning tools we use in our normal practice and resources used in school that will support the pupils’ learning.

Marking of pupils’ work will follow the same structure that would happen in school: teachers will give feedback and encourage self-reflection. On some pieces of work, pupils will be asked to make improvements in green on their original work and then resubmit. All lessons will be recorded and if pupils are unable to attend live due to time differences, the lessons and work will all be available on the Google Classroom (please see the section on ‘Pupils Living Overseas/ in a different timezone’ for further details).

Weekly Learning Focus

Windlesham's learning focus provides teachers with the structure for planning and assessing Year 3 to Year 8. It includes a new learning focus each week with each class objectives followed by the tasks and outcomes.

Also find useful links and classroom codes for each year and set. Preview or download these below:

Week 1

Learning Focus - Week 1 - Updated 11th January 2021.pdf

Week 2

Learning Focus - Week 2 - 18th January 2021.pdf

Week 3

Learning Focus - Week 3 - 25th January 2021.pdf

Week 5

Learning Focus - Week 5 - 8th February 2021.pdf